Action Park Promotions is a new events promotion company based in Glasgow and Edinburgh, Scotland. Founded in 2012, our aim is to promote shows for the most exciting bands in the best venues in the central belt of Scotland.

We are made up of passionate individuals with over a decade of experience in the Scottish music scene. In recent years we have promoted shows in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, St Andrews and London for many great bands, such as Mudhoney, The Vaselines, Hundred Reasons, Future Of The Left, Sucioperro, The Scars, British India, We Are The Physics, United Fruit, Johnny Foreigner, Ballboy, The Hazey Janes, TV21, Penguins Kill Polar Bears, Roses Kings Castles, The OK Social Club, LightGuides, The Little Kicks, Carnivores, RM Hubbert, Avast!, Verse Metrics, Trapped In Kansas, Make Sparks… to name only a few.