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VASQUEZ was originally three guys who met on Gumtree following a post looking for band members by guitarist/founding member Ciaran Mckenna. The ad lead to him meeting R James Iremonger (bass) and Jon Adam (drums) in 2009 and coming up with the name Vasquez; named after the hard as nails, heavy machine-gun wielding marine from Aliens.

The three band members began to write and gig together leading to them recording and self-producing their first EP in 2010.

In December 2010 original bass player R James Iremonger was forced to leave the group for personal reasons leading to the addition of Sean Quinn as the current bass player.

Inspired by the likes of Talking Heads, Don Caballero, Torche, Steve Reich and Meshuggah the group has released two EP’s (EP1 and EP2) and gigged extensively around the UK allowing them to play alongside bands they love such as United Fruit, Fat Goth, Divorce, Vessels, Castrovalva, Die! Die! Die!, Secta Rouge, A Fight You Can’t Win and Lady North.

Alpha Male Tea Party

Alpha Male Tea Party are one of them bands from Liverpool that don’t sound like a band from Liverpool, playing an aggressive yet melodic breed of guitar driven math-rock which nods to the likes of Brontide, You Slut! and Tera Melos.

The three piece have been on a UK mini tour with Axes (Big Scary Monsters) and have previously played with Adebisi Shank, And So I Watch You From Afar and Tubelord amongst many others. Last year saw the self-release of debut album “AMTP” and August 26th 2013 will see follow up EP “Real Ale and Model Rail: A Lonely Man’s Guide To Not Committing Suicide”.

Black International

BLACK INTERNATIONAL is a musical group from Edinburgh, Scotland. The band was formed in late 2006 by Edinburgh College of Art graduates Stewart Allan (Vocals & Guitar) and Craig Peebles (Drums) with the intention of making stripped down, economical, brutal pop songs.

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Vasquez - Alpha Male Tea Party - Black International

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